is an advisory firm that provides recommendations, suggestions, advisories and guidance on, business, and political matters. Joseph Anthony Miceli conducts and directs business projects and other affairs such as:

  • Temporary Management
  • Governance Solutions
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Bilateral Agreements
  • A.d.R. (Alternative, Dispute Resolutions)
  • Negotiation with Foreign Countries and Company
  • Our Clients:
  • corporations
  • high Profile/High Net Worth Individuals
  • governments & Government Agencies
  • institutions
  • foundations

Business affairs are constantly active and dynamic around the globe. Unexpected circumstances can arise unpredictably; events can develop fast and without warning.

*It is essential to address these situations with promptness*

Joseph Anthoyn Miceli initiates Business approaches and develops alternative relations.

We serve clientele that give significant importance to privacy and confidentiality.

Our motto is:

"Da quod iubes et iube quod vis" 

(give what you command, and command what you will"

Languages spoken at J.A.M. include:

*English *Spanish *Italian

When to request Our Services: