Learning more about us

"I was truly blessed in my encounter with Joseph Miceli. He showed me the depth of his nature that I never before had the ability to fathom. I am proud to have met him and with all honest and sincerity, I can truly call him a friend and a Renaissance Man."

Dr. Salvatore Campanella New York City


Sustainability at our firm cuts across all areas of our business. From the work we do for our clients, the way we run our firm and look after our employees and the environment, to the time we donate our services to special causes through our Por-Bono work; All areas require that extra effort to maintain efficiency while promoting growth.

The impact of our work for our clients:

Our focus is to bring good business to our clients. Our approach to business decisions is inspired by the "Hedgehog Concept"; that is "rethinking the economic engine without a profit motive and instead, focus on the long-term results".

This is not in opposition to profitability. It is a broader concept than that. Doing good is good business. We have a long-term vision and must wok to create and widen opportunity.

Our mission statement is a single sentence is "We're preparing for a future that is already here. Our job is to welcome those who want to be part of it"

Our Clients require assurance that we meet and exceed the best practice standards dealing with privacy and data protection. Our firm's duty not only protects this data, also will never consider releasing them at any time.

The work we do on behalf of our client imposes upon us the discipline to improve cost efficiency. We are concerned with reducing costs associated with unnecessary business travel along with other costs related to the performance of our work.

Ethical Standards:

Ethical behavior is one of our major concerns. All of our employees are expected to maintain a high ethical standard. All of our associates are required to sign a statement that confirms compliance with J.A.M, .'s Code of Conduct. This code is supported by a more detailed policy which covers issues ranging from the acceptance of gifts, the strict consideration of entertainment and the appointment of the other professionals. These rebut ethical policies and the training we have implemented is essential to avoid the high risk of bribery and corruption. Our firm is expected to meet these high ethical standards in all aspects of business, especially in the work we produce for our clients. This includes the decisions concerning the commissions we undertake and the billing process we adhere to.

We have a review process for our firm that deals with potentially sensitive information and the decisions such information entails.

Conflict of Interest:

In the case in which one of our associates has an interest that conflicts or may with, the interest of our client, that associate will be removed and replaced with one who would have no interest in the matter at hand. Any situational conflict of interest would be under review with our Committee of Public Affairs, along with J.A.M.?s President.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption training classes will be offered and performed by outside third-party firm. Our associates are encouraged to report any concern or suspected cases of misconduct immediately to our Committee of Public Affair and J.A.M.'s President. Such information will be accepted in the utmost of confidence. Any failure to report wrongdoing, malpractice, or malfeasance will be considered grounds for immediate termination of any business relation or any contract with said abuser.

However, despite all of our effort, mistakes can still be made. Our firm will not tolerate any misbehavior of any type from any of our associated. We are committed to be on, one, and only one side; that side being with the client. It must be clear that we will take full responsibility for any mistake made.

Employment practices:

We constantly seek to employ the best people from around the world. We also seek to develop skills in order to continually exceed our client's expections.

Each industry deals with fierce competition for the best talent. Our research strategies include competitive remuneration, rewards and high benefits. We recruit candidates from diverse backgrounds that improves our talent pool overall. It also foster creativity and enhances our clients insights.

Our Nondiscrimination and Anti-harassment policies are included in J.A.M.'s Code of Conduct. In case of disability, our policy is to provide continuing employment and training wherever practicable.

Even when we are involved in a Pro-Bono work, we support employee engagement.

Environmental Performance:

J.A.M.'s aim is to be a Low-Carbon and Resources-Efficient Firm. Improving our own performance enhances our credibility as an advisor Firm on climate change; not only supporting our reputation but also helping us to meet client procurement requirements. We are currently in talks with major institutions that are providing a formal rank for our performance.

We are building a Low-Carbon firm with the following strategies:

  • Improving the energy efficiency in our office and information technology.
  • Reducing nonessential flights by promoting video conferencing when applicable.
  • Purchasing renewable energy when and where available.
  • Offsetting a portion of our unavailable CO2 emissions; equivalent to those from our Business Air Travel.
  • The use of recyclable material in our office supplies while maintaining a level of quality in all our printed material.

We are working and developing a strategic plan to be a successful Low-Carbon Firm and reducing our Carbon Footprint to a minimum. We aim to use our resources efficiently, reduce waste and associated costs and to outsource goods and services that are better for the environment. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. PAPER: our target is to source 75% of the paper we use for copying and printing from recycled sourced. Today, all of our internal Communications are based on a paperless method. Totally digitized.
  2. WASTE: We have established preferred suppliers of recycling services for all our Paper Waste, standard office consumables and mobile phone handsets and other electronic devices. Their battery recycling is a must.

Charity:As part of our firm's commitment, J.A.M. designates 10% of our net income to Philanthropy, Charity Programs and Grants. Our Contribution Committee is in charge to distribute available funds every year.


J.A.M. will take into consideration a Pro-Bono instance in particular circumstances.


A flat fee deposit of £ 25,000 is required from new clients to schedule a meeting at your preferred locations or at our office in London, UK. After our first meeting, if you decide not to proceed with our services, we will refund your fee less travel expenses (if any).

A private aviation service is available (with an additional applicable fee).


We are in business for the long-term. With that, we recognize the responsibility we have to our clients, our employees and the world-at-Large.